No Dream Sleep Oil (by Artemis)

Makes 1 oz or 3 1/3 oz (10 ml) bottles
1/8 cup base oil (jojoba or sweet almond oil)
3 to 4 Chamomile tops (herb - to induce sleep)
1 pinch Lemon Verbena (herb - to prevent dreams )
3 drops Lavender (pure essential oil - for a peaceful nights sleep)
2 drops Ylang Ylang (pure essential oil - for destressing)

It is recommended that you speak to a Dream Interpreter before using this recipe. Dreams have a funny way of trying to tell you something and they are often a way of trying to tell you that there is something you need to face or something you need to deal with.

Make during a Waning Moon
Empower your herbs and oils first with your intent, cleanse your work area and your empty bottle, cast your circle. Add your herbs , then your essential oil and then your base oil. (This is how I make mine, there is no right or wrong way.) Your not supposed to eat this lol.... put a few dabs on your wrists, the soles of your feet and on your temples. Make sure you test it first to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction.

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