Last night

Last night

I sang with the wind

I felt his breath

On my face


Last night

I danced with the rain

I felt her touch

On my skin


Last night was wonderful

Beautiful and magical

Mystical and shining

Healing and protecting


I inhaled his breath

I embraced her touch

I danced with the Gods

On the rhythm of the stars


I flew to the moon

In silver bright light

I felt the heat of the sun

I heard the call of the night

Last night

I was not alone

I sensed the caring

And smelled the sympathy

Last night

I laid me down in the earth

I tasted the love

I saw the joy

Last night

My heart was on fire

My soul was set free

And my mind was at ease

Her touch on my skin

His breath on my face

There was energy within

Every loving embrace

Submitted by Alastar

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