Lammas Ritual (Submitted by Alastar)

Preparation: For decorating the altar use stalks of wheat, a Corn Dolly dressed to look pregnant, and golden yellow, orange, and brown ribbons or streamers. Prepare the God and Goddess candles and the supplies for casting the circle. Include a round blanket on which you can sit and the food can be placed, a white pillow, a Corn Dolly, a Grape Dolly, the food, and dishes. The Corn Dolly should be dressed in red to look pregnant. The Grape Dolly should be dressed in yellow. Begin by casting the circle.

Here I am on this day, Lammas, August Eve, Lughnasadh, the First Harvest, and the first day of the harvesting season. I am here to understand life, death, and rebirth, and to give reverence to those who have endured each.

Bow your head to think about how Lammas fits in one of the three groups above and how it fits in the Wheel of the Year.

I stand at the gate between the living and the dead on this night when the first of the plants are harvested and processed. I am here to witness the maturing of my Goddess, Mother Earth, the waxing Lady of the Moon, the pregnant wife of the aging Sun King. Harvesting. . . a necessary transition on the Wheel of the Year.

Place the pillow on the blanket and put the Corn Dolly on it. Place the Grape Dolly beside the pillow, but not on it.

Aging is the beloved Mother, one of the three faces of my Goddess, but she will be forever with us. I watch as the God tends to her needs and helps her in her first harvest.

Set a place setting for the Corn Goddess.

Enjoy, beautiful Mother. Enjoy!

Start placing small amounts of food on the plate.

The Mother wishes to bestow upon us the gift of knowledge. Thus she shall speak.

Hold the Corn Dolly up high. Say:

These wise words are her gifts. "The harvest is preformed thrice each year, today being the first. Just as there are three harvests in a year, there are three harvests of the soul, the three circles in the path to one's destiny. The first is to reflect upon and understand one's karma and life lessons; the second is to learn self-sacrifice and thankfulness. The third and final step is to become united and one after leaving this material world. It is now your time to reflect and contemplate the things planted and harvested during your lifetime." So mote it be.

Set a place setting for the God and serve him food.

The Mother has shown me the way. Now, on this evening of Lammas, at this time of the first harvest, I shall consider what has happened in the past seasons and what to do in the seasons to come.

Now you can begin the feast. This is a good time to think about the past and the harvest. It is also a good time to plan for the future. There is no attuning exercise. That is the purpose of the feast.

May this feast help me to understand and act upon my karma. May this essential step aid me in my living and learning.

Close the circle when the feast is over. During the feast, serve homemade breads, corn, ale, nuts, berries, and apples. You can leave the Corn Dolly and wheat on the altar until Mabon to remind you of this harvesting time and the gifts of the Mother Goddess.

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