”What We Are Not and What We Are
Witchcraft is not associated with the Devil in any way.
Wiccans and others from earth based religions are not evil,
no matter what has been said.
We do not sacrifice women, children, animals or any other living beings or things.
We do not cast evil spells on people or hurt them in any way.
Wicca is a joyful religion.
We worship the Earth and all the goodness of and in it.
We believe in the Law of Three Times Three.”
Author Unknown

UpDate 10-18-2015: Site back online with original URL!

What you will find here; mostly all of the basic things for beginners or for those who are just researching. There is enough here to peruse over and decide weather or not this path is something you want to research further by purchasing books (which I may offer here at some point). I enjoy the feeling I get knowing that I am able to freely share this information with you. Of course, what you do with that information is totally up to you. There are two roads to this path and the road you take will determine the choices you make while you walk down that road. Take your time with this and don't rush things. Everything will fall into place and that magickal light will turn on when it's the proper time. And for Pete's sake, don't rush out and try to buy all the magickal tools you can get your hands on. Study the information first. I cannot stress that enough... research, study and then research and study some more. Write it all down, keep a journal of how you feel, what you are learning, what feels comfortable and what does not. No one (at least anyone with common sense) will tell you that you must practice everything you read. Reason being is because not everyone walks down the same path, everyone has their own little way of doing things and you should figure out what your unique way should be. Take what you like and leave the rest... as many say. There is only one Law that should stay at the fore of your memory, Harm None. Of course, this cannot be taken too literally. I suppose I should stop there because if I go on with that one topic I'll end up writing a very long dissertation lol.

What you will not find here; negativity, Satanism, spells to change the will of another (love spells etc. etc. etc.), spells that ask you to sacrifice animals or humans or any other types of negative spells that will cause harm. That is not what my faith is all about, so if that is what you are looking for then please look elsewhere.

I will not tell you that you must practice my way and I will not tell you that if you don't practice my way that you're wrong. I will not be answering emails from people who ask me to do or write a spell for them and I cannot give you advice about what you should do if your parents refuse to let you practice this religion. These are things that you must work out and do for yourself. Please, do not write to me and tell me I am going to burn in hell because you think I worship Satan (because I most certainly do not!). I believe that all religions are valid and they all hold some truth, but you will not see me evangelizing in your inbox so please show me the same respect and do not evangelize in mine.

With that said, walk in peace my friend and enjoy your time here.
May the Goddess Love and Keep you,
Artemis LittleMoon